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Originally Posted by Stabilo View Post
All good ideas.
- The support trigger section is indeed not intuitive at all before you first find your way there, and a little clicky even after you understand how it works.
- Agree on calling Auras Groups and Displays Auras in the future, since.. Well, that's how they seem to be used.
- I don't really work with animations or sounds, use sound on one aura and it was super simple to set up
- Style is easy and good, but maybe a little disorganized. Despite quite few options, it just feels maybe a little messy? I don't see the need for distinguishing style and positioning if screen real estate allows to combine them.
On the last point, if real estate allows me to then I'll combine them. The problem is when you look at the style UI for Timers...Well, you'll see how much room is left.

Originally Posted by Stabilo View Post
Have you seen the new settings window of Tukui? It uses 2 panels on each side of the screen that are "fixed" to the sides. Now, that might sound excessive to start with. While it takes up a lot of space, something like powa would be possible to fit on just one of them. It looks sleek, gives a lot of room for different settings etc. especially vertically. Possibly add a simple button to throw the whole panel to the other side of the screen if one needs to work with auras that would otherwise be under the panel? I don't know, the first time I saw the tukui settings my first thought was "wow, something like this might be possible to adapt for power auras" :P
I haven't no. And google is failing me in that regard. I'll download it and see what I can creatively 'borrow'.

Originally Posted by Stabilo View Post
I have no idea what that would do for scalability, I guess it'd end up being scrollable on smaller screens, which I know you don't like.
It's not that I hate scrollbars, it's that WoW's handing of them isn't what I'd call stellar. I could play around, they might have fixed some of the bugs with them.

The minimum supported resolution I'd really target (and that I've been testing in) is 1024x768 - personally I think that's smaller than most users resolutions, but I've got no data to back it up.