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Right, here's a quick mockup of the editor/browser combination.

A few things to note:
  • The sidebar is a treeview as opposed to a list of links. This frees up the need to have a breadcrumb bar. Hopefully the depth of the treeview remains fairly small, otherwise it might run into issues. I may change the "base" level of the treeview based upon where the user is.
  • The task list at the bottom left remains as is - I haven't had any negative feedback on it, and quite honestly I think it's a nice place to dump stuff.
  • The search bar would filter groups - not auras. It'd only filter by name (so if I entered "1" then in that example, only group #1 should remain).
  • The horizontal bar beneath the header at the top probably won't exist - it's just there as a rough separation guideline.
  • The new aura/delete group/etc. links wouldn't be textual, they'd be icons. I've just made them textual in the example, otherwise you'd not know what the hell they were.
  • The group page would either be paginated or scrollable. I've not decided. I'd prefer pagination - it's a lot simpler to implement, and it's a bit faster too.
  • Those giant boxes are the aura previews, in case you're wondering.

The window size is similar to what it is now (640x480), sidebar is around 140px.

Edit: I looked at TukUI's config windows. They really don't work on low resolution screens.

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