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Originally Posted by Meorawr View Post
[*]The sidebar is a treeview as opposed to a list of links. This frees up the need to have a breadcrumb bar. Hopefully the depth of the treeview remains fairly small, otherwise it might run into issues. I may change the "base" level of the treeview based upon where the user is.
Usability-wise, as long as you can select a group with one click, the treeview will be fine. One of the things I miss from old layout was being able to select the aura you're editing with one click (although i had several pages, so sometimes you had to change the page first, which is like groups are now, but still).

Originally Posted by Meorawr View Post
[*]The task list at the bottom left remains as is - I haven't had any negative feedback on it, and quite honestly I think it's a nice place to dump stuff.
Don't touch it, it's perfect right now :P

Originally Posted by Meorawr View Post
[*]The search bar would filter groups - not auras. It'd only filter by name (so if I entered "1" then in that example, only group #1 should remain).
Hopefully this will guide people to use the addon in the "right" way, to actually use the groups that is. I know this would suit my needs well, at least.

Originally Posted by Meorawr View Post
[*]The group page would either be paginated or scrollable. I've not decided. I'd prefer pagination - it's a lot simpler to implement, and it's a bit faster too.
Srollable is faster for the user in my opinion, but of course the dev point of view is important as well, even more so if WoW has problems handling scrollable windows in the first place. I'd prefer a working scrollable window over a working paged window, but a working paged window over a buggy scrollable window. (that came out very complicated).

Honestly, I still would have opted for polishing out the functionality and weeding out bugs over a UI 'overhaul', but I understand why the general mood of the feedback made you choose otherwise.

Originally Posted by Meorawr View Post
[*]Edit: I looked at TukUI's config windows. They really don't work on low resolution screens.
I get that, of course it's made for another purpose (You're not supposed to actually see anything on the screen when you're in the settings). I'm just having some issues putting my thoughts to words in regards to how that type could be usable for powa as well.

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