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Originally Posted by matt_b19 View Post
Before I donate I believe we are entitled to some sort of estimate as to when the addon may be in a usable state.

We must remember that most addon authors made their modules useable either during WoD beta or during PTR(prior to patch launch).

This particular author has been promising updates for a very long time now.

Also, for the addon to work for the expac (2 weeks away) shouldnt all the quests data have already been collected from the beta?
This will probably get squelched.. but I particularly do not care at this point.

I have supported many addon authors of the last ten years by money, by code, and by helping. To have the audacity to demand something for something you can get for free is quite frankly why none of my addons are public. It gets fixed when it gets fixed. Donating is not a requirement nor is your usage of any addon on wowinterface, curse, or wowace. It is just one of the many options you can do to support addon authors.

There are other addon's you can use and donate to if you wish. By all means do not let us stop you from doing so. I have spent hours going through carbonite's code the moment it was released from the original author. I know the task that Rythal has set in front of himself and I know it is not one that is easy. I decided that rewriting the whole thing would be easier and decided not to venture into fixing carbonite. Of course that is also my personal opinion. And like Rythal, Most of us have this thing called a life that likes to interfere with any game time we have. So being appreciative of someone who sets aside their own gaming time to make a mod to make a game easier for YOU to play should at least be the minimum you show.

There were many addons updated on the PTR that were still broke when it went live. Actually all of them were. hell, It took about 3 days just to get my UI back in order so I was not looking 72 inches across to see my party members and the minimap. Just because it worked on the PTR doesn't mean it will work when it goes live. You can thank blizzard for that. And since you pay them a monthly subscription you are entitled to go fuss at them for breaking the addons. I'm sure they will listen to you and correct the situation immediately...

People like yourself demanding, crying, or just generally bitching, make it difficult for addon authors to continue updating through major patches or just altogether. I've seen hundreds of addon's, over the last ten years, just fall off because asshats like yourself, act the way that you do.

YOU are NOT entitled to anything on here. Nor am I or anyone else for that matter. I've made my donations. I've used the addons. I've done plenty of coding and patching and forwarded that info to authors. I did not wait until it was broke and decide to use a donation as leverage to get it fixed when it was already being worked on.

Either find something else, be productive and find someway to help or STFU and wait.
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