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While I don't know the specifics of the Carbonite addon (haven't had a chance to check the code) and I don't know what kinds of optimisations in terms of size or space the author's made, modularisation can actually decrease the size of a memory and/or disk space footprint. It really depends on the author's use of optimising techniques, but given the professional UI and other elements of the addon in my experience, I'd say if it changes at all, the footprint will likely be smaller rather than larger.

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Just a quick question about modularization, from a non-programmers viewpoint.

Will the combined parts have a much larger footprint because it is modularized?

I use a lot of the features of Carbonite; Map, BG, Punks (a little), Warehouse (especially for professions) and node routing (please tell me this is staying and how we can contribute when you're ready). I'm not sure if there is more that I'm not thinking of, but I'm glad to see the options are also (eventually) going to be re-hauled as that has been a long time gripe with Carbonite.

Thanks again for spearheading this large project!