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WoW to REST Service


I read the http://www.wowinterface.com/forums/s...ad.php?t=42367 thread and there stood, that it`s not possible for wow addons to access anything outside WoW, but Im kinda curious how all the data driven sites have managed to post data to web services/ web apps.

Currently I haven`t got any XP in LUA/WoW-Dev, but would like to start an personal project for learning purposes. I want to create an Addon for posting the players current battleground-status in real time to an REST service.

So when queuing for AB it enters the player data into an db and when Im out of the BG it should delete the db entry. The information should be stored in an JSON/XML-File and whenever the bg-status changes it should execute the post/update on the DB on the RESTful service.

The real time communication is very important here and I would like to know which ways of communicating to a web service are available, so I could directly dive in and create a solution.

Would appreciate some help in how this could be managed.
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