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While it is a lot of data, I think it would not be near the load that an AH scan is. The AH scan(like with Auctioneer) is doing page by page flip through of all of the current auctions, then filtering and parsing that data into usable arrays of info like the price, quantity, date, who is selling it, etc, then combining that data with previously gleaned data. The quests are returned in an array directly from blizz. Probably the easiest way to do it would be to set all quests to incomplete, then for each in the array set that questid to complete. This may take a moment, so probably something to be done at login, but not so rough to make it so that it cannot be automatic. If a count of completed quests can be returned, then you could compare those and skip the update if they are the same, or just not update as often(if theircount == mycount & timesincelastupdate< 1week, skip, else update).

I am really looking forward to this feature, I manually updated many quests while working on Loremaster, and this would save so much time.