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Originally Posted by Doomlord View Post
It's just as simple as installing any other addon. Copy all the 3 folders in your Interface/AddOns folder.
You seem to be a support person for an addon, so you might have the experience needed to install addons, but not all WoW players are experienced users. For some, installing and updating addons, when they get a dialog asking about overwriting, can be something alien.

A WinRar based installer probably wouldn't help much, and would pose a security threat.

An automated addon installer / updater (like curseclient) that can autoupdae the database and with permission from the user can upload your own gathered data to the server would have additional uses.

Wowecon has such functionality.

The key problem is: multiple third party launchers would be a problem, and we often use addons from different sources. Including curse, wowinterface, wowace, wowecon, etc...

Making a single updater / installer that can work with multiple services (comercial and free) would be nice, and if it would allow patching addons (and updating them that way) instead of just redownloading the whole thing (usually on patch day) it could be profitable for all.

It would help people who are now intimidated by the process of installing addons to sites, and some of them would buy premium access to involved sites.