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Sorry for the delayed response. I'm a Carbonite user so the Devs may correct me if I'm wrong.

Prior to installing the pre-release version from Github I had used Curse to remove the old 5.4 version of Carbonite. I also checked directly to see that all the directories had been removed. Since I started with a pre-release 6.0 install that may be why Curse saw them and laid down the rest correctly. I did have to manually download/install the Warehouse module as it hadn't come up on Curse at the time.

Not sure if your situation is similar. I'd say manually uninstall then try again with Curse. If that doesn't do it then manually uninstall and install 6.0 in the separate folders and Curse should recognize them going forward.

As far as I know, the bulk of the archived threads had to do with the pre-release debug/test or 5.4 and below. The new forum layout was created for the 6.0 release.
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