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Originally Posted by Rythal
....None of them will ever have a copyright notice because I can't copyright it, the copyright belongs to haavok and carbon based creations.
Rythal, if I'm not mistaken, it's not the word "Carbonite" being copyrighted -- it's the logo ARTWORK being copyrighted. As you know, there's also another company named Carbonite, and it has nothing to do with WoW. I was only pointing out discrepencies in the 2 different logos, etc. I don't care either way. Just tryin' to help. I like uniformity. Reduces confusion, most of the time.

And, by the way... what ever happened to the use of Carbonite II, which you chose as the new name for your new version a long time ago? Are you still waiting to use it only when an actual Release version becomes available? Just wondering.
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