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Originally Posted by Rythal View Post
it's not possible for someone to accidentally run one and wonder why it doesn't work since they are programmed in the .toc
## RequiredDeps: Carbonite
I'm going to play devils advocate for a moment because I did do this...

I saw Carbonite was now modular. Everywhere I looked stated I only needed to install what I wanted to use. So I installed Carbonite_Quests only. I don't want the maps, social or anything else. Just the quest tracker and its functions. Loaded WoW and it didn't work. After some digging, which did include looking into the .toc, I found out it required Carbonite, which was no longer listed anywhere. It's now called Carbonite Maps, but nowhere was I told that.

I would suggest renaming the required dependencies to the current addon names.

* It looks like Carbonite Quests is the only module that doesn't say it's a plugin and that Carbonite Maps are required.
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