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7.0 Legion and RDX

Me again.

I was one of those fortunate enough to get an invite to the Legion alpha(and subsequent beta).

RDX is broken again, as we've come to expect. It seems every theme has something broken, although it looks like if you pick and choose components from each of the themes, you could probably piece together something fairly manageable, except for actionbars which seem universally broken.

A few questions.

Is this still an active project ?

(if so)

Is a Legion compatible version in the works ?

(if so)

Is there anything I can do to help ? I've been using RDX since WoW 1.x as both an end user and a developer so I could probably lend some assistance and am happy to do so.

WowInterface is helping interface authors get beta invites. If you need an invitation Sigg check out the main page of WowInterface. Cairenn is offering to hook developers up.


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