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Memory Leak ?

Hi all,

I was doing a simple LDB to hide the class order bar for not be shown under docking station.
But I miss something to show a panel so I make it as LDB launcher.

I thought to fill the LDB tooltip at least with a missions report so I write something like this:

Lua Code:
  1. function dataobj.OnTooltipShow(tooltip)
  2.     tooltip:AddLine(ADDON)
  3.     tooltip:AddLine(" ")
  4.     tooltip:AddLine("Missions",1,1,1,1)
  6.         -- [ blabla ]
  8.         local mis_avl = #C_Garrison.GetAvailableMissions(LE_FOLLOWER_TYPE_GARRISON_7_0)
  9.         local mis_pro = #C_Garrison.GetInProgressMissions(LE_FOLLOWER_TYPE_GARRISON_7_0)
  10.         local mis_fin = #C_Garrison.GetCompleteMissions(LE_FOLLOWER_TYPE_GARRISON_7_0)
  12.         -- [ blabla ]
  14. end

Now the problem. Is possible this make this addon MEMORY USAGE grows everytime I hover on the LDB ?

Lua Code:
  1. local mis_avl = #C_Garrison.GetAvailableMissions(LE_FOLLOWER_TYPE_GARRISON_7_0)
  2. local mis_pro = #C_Garrison.GetInProgressMissions(LE_FOLLOWER_TYPE_GARRISON_7_0)
  3. local mis_fin = #C_Garrison.GetCompleteMissions(LE_FOLLOWER_TYPE_GARRISON_7_0)
The problem are these lines... If I removed them everything is fine again.

Should I use a frame with an event like:

To calc them and not the OnTooltipShow of the LDB ?

Thanks to anyone.
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