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Have not read this thread thoroughly but I landed here looking for bugs around the event ACTIVE_TALENT_GROUP_CHANGED. If you do, as I do, "gPlayerPowerType, gPlayerPowerTypeString = UnitPowerType("player"); " right on the event callback, you will get, the OLD specialisation's power type.

For example if you are Resto druid your power type is 0 (mana), you then switch to Balance, and at least in the event callback your power type still reads 0 (mana) when in fact it should be 8 (Lunar Power). You then switch to Guardian and you read 8 (Lunar Power) when it should be 1 (Rage).

However right after the unit (you) casts a spell 200749 "Activating Specialization". Maybe we need to trap that spell to make sure the talent switch has been completed.

Another thing, I receive the ACTIVE_TALENT_GROUP_CHANGED twice on a talent switch.
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