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Originally Posted by SnufferBuffer View Post
Ok I have just today on 10/1/2012 downloaded the two files of:

Carbonite-50501.zip & CarboniteGPL_5041.zip

I am not a guru at this stuff but I have looked in the files and see some changes and newer dates on files and all but wanted to make sure before I do anything.

Now mind you I right now have installed and working on my system this file I downloaded a few weeks ago of : Carbonite-5.041.zip

Now my question is this, Which of the two files mentioned at the top of this post is the one that I want to install on my system to get the latest updates, and has there been announced a new location where we can get any updates of the Carbonite Add On from now, (10/1/2012), on?

Thanks for any INPUT and advice you gents may have.

Snuffy . . . .
Download the one here from WoWI, it's the entire package with my fixes using the old code, the GPL one we don't know if it runs or not and is what i'll be using going forward.