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Originally Posted by Meorawr View Post
Rough preview of what I want to do with aura editing.
  • First up, I've removed that intermediary step of category selection. We can all agree it was pointless.
  • The categories are listed as tabs as opposed to sidebar links. I'm hoping this doesn't end up looking too ugly, but it fixes the previous worry I had of the depth in the treeview becoming too large.
  • The aura preview is at the top right. I may put it back to the top left, however (it's likely).
  • The default category is style this time around. I'm going to see if I can fit all the elements safely onto the page without a separate subcategory.

I won't do mockups for the animations and sounds pages - they'll remain as is with the plan for animations to be similar to what sounds is now (as in, no subcategories).

Edit: One thing I forgot to include in that preview was where the child displays (ie. timers) would be. Probably in the treeview is the answer.
It doesn't quite matter which is first, style or activation, you need to change them for every aura anyway. The style layout looks much cleaner, although i'd switch x/y in positioning to the left and parent display to the right side to match the location of width/height (i'm a little anal about organization)

I like where you're going with this, although i was just thinking that the more I think about this myself, the more I'd actually still prefer having 2 windows, the other one with groups/auras and the other one.. well, like you're imagining it in the mockups. I don't care about screen estate, It's only during configuration, the windows move around, and you can make them transparent so very quickly. (Repeated "I", "me" etc many times because it's just one opinion among many )