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Originally Posted by Meorawr View Post
I've located the source of the bugs where by stacks starts off as inverted, and with the Use Ability Icon toggling itself off. It was a stupid late night mistake that I didn't notice.

Basically, take a look at these bitfields:
Lua Code:
  1. --- Flags for inverted linked displays.
  2. Metadata.DISPLAY_INVMASK     = 0x00000070;
  3. Metadata.DISPLAY_INV_AUTO    = 0x00000010;
  4. Metadata.DISPLAY_INV_MAIN    = 0x00000020;
  5. Metadata.DISPLAY_INV_SUPPORT = 0x00000040;
  7. -- More source flags. These ones are for determining what optional services
  8. -- are enabled.
  9. Metadata.DISPLAY_OPTMASK     = 0x000000F0;
  10. Metadata.DISPLAY_OPT_STACKS  = 0x00000010;
  11. Metadata.DISPLAY_OPT_TEXT    = 0x00000020;
  12. Metadata.DISPLAY_OPT_TEXTURE = 0x00000040;
  13. Metadata.DISPLAY_OPT_TIMER   = 0x00000080;

Now guess what problems that causes
I'd like to know what I need to change so I can get rid of the annoying stacks that like to stare at me all the time.