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Originally Posted by Dalmasca1 View Post
How did you attempt to setup this aura? I just made one that recognizes CoE and Master Poisoner by setting those two different matches to the main trigger, and it works fine. What did you do specifically? It sounds like you may have tried to make an aura for the debuff type rather than making multiple spell matches. As far as I know, that doesn't work.
There is a Main Trigger "Unit Buff/Debuff Type" where I can choose things like "Debuff: Magic Vulnerability." I was hoping that would cover all magic vulnerability debuffs like CoE so I wouldn't have to list every spell. If that's not it... what does it do?

To give some more positive feedback, thank you for the awesome implementation of profiles. When I saw how you made them work I went holy sheeeet this is awesome! I also like where you're going with the mock pictures.