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Originally Posted by Shanyn View Post
Ah, thanks. I hadn't realized there was a Timer option there, though I knew about everything else in that section, hah. >.<

I'm still not sure how I'd set that up in the advanced editor, though. Let's say I want an aura that only displays if I do not have the Metamorphosis buff AND there are less than 6 seconds on my target's corruption. Do I need to split that up into multiple auras or sequences and do something tricky with the display state trigger? Since there are no options under the "Timer" trigger to say which timer it is I'm asking about...
Tried this on my warlock. 3 triggers:
1. Is corruption on target?
2. Is it less than 6 seconds?
3. Do you have Metamorphosis buff?

Then type "1&2&!3" in the Trigger Operations window. Voila! Corruption shows IF there's less than 6 seconds on it and you DON'T have Metamorphosis active.