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5.4.1 patch

Patch 5.4.1 has broken NUI. There is no hud... No mini map control... No player or party frames... no hunter pet bar... These are the only 2 msgs that I seem to be getting tho.

Message: Interface\AddOns\nUI\Main\nUI.lua:150: Couldn't find CVar named 'raidFramesDisplayIncomingHeals'
Time: 10/29/13 12:27:29
Count: 1
Stack: [C]: in function `SetCVar'
Interface\AddOns\nUI\Main\nUI.lua:150: in function <Interface\AddOns\nUI\Main\nUI.lua:138>

Locals: (*temporary) = "raidFramesDisplayIncomingHeals"
(*temporary) = 1

Message: Interface\AddOns\nUI\Integration\nUI_InfoPanel.lua:436: attempt to index local 'skin' (a nil value)
Time: 10/29/13 12:27:37
Count: 1
Stack: [C]: ?
Interface\AddOns\nUI\Integration\nUI_InfoPanel.lua:436: in function `applySkin'
Interface\AddOns\nUI\Main\nUI.lua:299: in function <Interface\AddOns\nUI\Main\nUI.lua:138>