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How to display by Class and not by Group :

1. Find and unncomment this line in blue :

-- TODO: Make this so we can actually instantiate frames as the users wants
for i=1,8 do
local name = "PRHeader"..i
self.db.profile.headers[name] = setmetatable({}, {__index=self.headerDefaults})
-- local header = self:CreateRaidFrame(name, "Group "..i, tostring(i), nil, PRHeader1)

2. Add this just below the section above:

self:CreateRaidFrame("PRHeader1", "Warrior", "WARRIOR", nil, PRHeader1)
self:CreateRaidFrame("PRHeader2", "Priest", "PRIEST", nil, PRHeader1)
self:CreateRaidFrame("PRHeader3", "Pally", "PALADIN", nil, PRHeader1)
self:CreateRaidFrame("PRHeader4", "Shammy", "SHAMAN", nil, PRHeader1)
self:CreateRaidFrame("PRHeader5", "Rogue", "ROGUE", nil, PRHeader1)
self:CreateRaidFrame("PRHeader6", "Mage", "MAGE", nil, PRHeader1)
self:CreateRaidFrame("PRHeader7", "Warlock", "WARLOCK", nil, PRHeader1)
self:CreateRaidFrame("PRHeader8", "Hunter", "HUNTER", nil, PRHeader1)

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