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Originally Posted by spiel2001 View Post
There really are two different things here... one is the AMOUNT of memory being used which, technically, shouldn't matter but since WoW 3.0 has mattered (once you get to about 100meg you're pretty much toast now), the other is the PERFORMANCE of the memory and that's the one that's tied to your system's capabilities.

On some people's systems, when the garbage collector fires their system just craters... some people are experiences 2-3 second freezes in the game (not nUI users, just people in general in the WoW forums). For other people, they never even notice the issue.

To be sure, however, since WoW 3.0 a big piece of the puzzle is how much memory your addons are using. 100 meg appears to be the barrier and the closer you get to it, the more impact the garbage collection problem seems to have.
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