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Multiple Choices for Carbonite versions

I'm uncertain as to which of the multiple choices for various stages of carbonite development to use. For instance, there's:
* Rythal's latest alpha/beta version (which is at least 4 months old)
* The quick-fix "buggy" version posted by Ebnor
* And, the WOD/Pre-patch" git" version.

I am only interested in having the carbonite maps and the carbonite warehouse. (I am not using Blizzard's WoD expansion, so I don't care about it).

Which one or which combination do I need to install? I know Rythal and others are working on the "git" version, but the latest post I read today on the forum (Nov 18, 2014) says "Thats right DONT download github version of Carbonite. It was for 6.0.2 no updates till then, so its outdated and will NOT WORK." It says that in bold, red lettering.

That confused me even more than I was already! lol
-- I will appreciate some help. If my question has been answered somewhere else, I just couldn't find it. Some of the forum "Sticky's" don't seem to have helpful names.

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