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Originally Posted by Kreelor View Post
I'm uncertain as to which of the multiple choices for various stages of carbonite development to use. For instance, there's:
* Rythal's latest alpha/beta version (which is at least 4 months old)
* The quick-fix "buggy" version posted by Ebnor
* And, the WOD/Pre-patch" git" version.

I am only interested in having the carbonite maps and the carbonite warehouse. (I am not using Blizzard's WoD expansion, so I don't care about it).

Which one or which combination do I need to install? I know Rythal and others are working on the "git" version, but the latest post I read today on the forum (Nov 18, 2014) says "Thats right DONT download github version of Carbonite. It was for 6.0.2 no updates till then, so its outdated and will NOT WORK." It says that in bold, red lettering.

That confused me even more than I was already! lol
-- I will appreciate some help. If my question has been answered somewhere else, I just couldn't find it. Some of the forum "Sticky's" don't seem to have helpful names.
I'm quoting my own post here, since I still haven't gotten an answer on exactly what I can use in the interim while Rythal is pulling his hair out and working on a 'complete' project release.

(1) Is there any version, whether fully-complete or not, that has the maps working? Personally, I don't care about the WoD expansion mapping. I have many other characters I'm hoping to continue working on.

(2) We've been told DO NOT USE THE 'GIT' VERSION! So, that is apparently not an option to use.

(3) The "Buggy, Error-filled" interim version will not install and run for me. I've tried several times, as I mentioned in a previous post. Nobody offered any help to me at all on that issue. So, it is also not an option, at least without an adequate reply from someone.

(4) The so-called "WOD/Pre-patch" version is a complete misnomer at this point since the Blizzard "patch" came and went a while ago. Maybe a new forum sticky named "Post-WOD Developer's Alpha GIT Version" would be more accurate? That would at least separate its incomplete state from being mingled constantly in multiple other sticky's, threads and topics. It's very confusing.

Once again, I'm only asking if there is ANYTHING available currently that will let me continue playing the game with Carbonite's customized (Google) maps and the Carbonite Warehouse as I did several years ago (it's been that long). For me, the other additional Carbonite features can come later, such as questing, Dungeons, Raids, WoD stuff, etc.

Many people are saying they are using the incomplete, error-filled WOD/Pre-patch GIT version without too many problems, yet we have been told to NOT USE IT. It's for Development... not for users to use. Plain vanilla WoW is horrible without features such as the Warehouse, etc. Professions and saved armament items are impossible to locate and manage without it!

Can nobody give a concise, simple answer to such a simple question? The forum structure (as convoluted as it is) offers no clear, definitive answer for users (except maybe for experienced developers who don't even need to ask!). I'm not one of them. (grin). Or, at least, I cannot find the answer buried within the multiple, unrelated topics, etc. It's all mixed up with no logical order. I for one will appreciate some help so that I can resume playing the game instead of waiting for a complete overhaul of Carbonite, which could take until after even a new expansion is released a year or so from now. That's just a guess.

I am not pushing Rythal to go any faster. I am not complaining about all the wonderful effort he's applying. I'm merely asking if there is some way to get a useable, minimal "core product" out for us to use while he's tidying up the remaining issues. As it stands now, there is no Carbonite addon, and hasn't been for a year or two. It's a lot of work to overhaul every aspect of Carbonite's great features. I'm just hoping for something workable until then. For me, maps and warehouse top the list of 'core features."

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