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Originally Posted by matt_b19 View Post

Don't hold your breath waiting on Carbonite. As yesterdays posts show Rythal still hadn't been through the portal into Draenor, so we have to assume that he doesn't really play the game any more. In fairness to him, if he was still playing wow he would have started fixing Carbonite during beta or at least PTR and he didnt.

Maybe Rythal just needs to admit that he isnt over interested any more and perhaps hand over the baton to someone who has an interest.

I have got used to playing with Blizzards system now and won't go back.
I briefly took the time to read all of your posts thus far and quite frankly, I think you are way off base. The reason Rythal hasn't been through the portal as of the post he said that in, is because he has been so busy trying to fix Carbonite. According to both Rythal and the folks working on getting Carb up and running again, some of Carb's core coding had to be rewritten from the ground up.

Which means Rythal had to figure out why it was coded the way it was in the first place, then figure out how to adjust it without throwing the entire addon out of kilter. As Rythal isn't one of Carbonite's original authors, he probably had to reverse engineer Carb to an extent that, up until WoD, simply wasn't needed.

I don't know LUA, don't know how to program addons, and really have only taken a few introductory programming classes, so I can't speak with any authority other than my own logic and common sense. There have been daily posts, there is a version of Carb Rythal has going that is getting closer to release by the day, with lots of people troubleshooting it and finding/fixing bugs.

I, personally, would rather spend a month or so without Carb, than an entire expansion of a buggy, half complete Carb.

I truly don't know what to tell the original poster, except to hang in there and wait patiently, and, God Willing, we will all get a nice Christmas present of Carbonite.

To Rythal and all the other folks bug hunting and localizing, and who knows what else, keep up the great work and don't let pessimists drag you down!

Stay strong and code on.