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Originally Posted by Rythal View Post
Not everyone is in a rush to 100, Almost everyone I know ran through the portal into laggy over populated zones only to spend about 12 hours to grind through the content and be finished with the expansion. I don't raid, so why would I want to be 100 just so I can stand around with nothing to do again.

Yes I still play the game, and 99.9% of what went into fixing the addon never required going through the portal.

The only thing not working on the other side is the green texture for garrisons which can be helped by actually standing in a garrison, but if I really wanted to waste time I could fix even that without going through.
Please try to pay no attention to him Rythal. If he truly didn't want Carbonite, why would he be here in the first place? The loyal will wait till you decide to release a current version of Carbonite. I miss it, but am willing to wait for it to be right, instead of rushed.