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Rythal, of ALL the things I've read in posts everywhere on this forum, the one you just posted has to be the most informative of all, at least it is to me. Wonderful! Thank you. Except for the Warehouse 'Reagent' bank not working, I'm happy. The problem I have with the Reagent bank not working is that I have filled it with items from each of my char's (and I have over 30 of them across 5 realms! Yikes!). Knowing which char has what and how many of each items for Professions is impossible without my now having to extract those items from the Reagent bank(s). lol

Anyway, your post is great news to me. I'll try the github version. There are no directions (step-by-step) to tell me how to do it, but I'll manage by trial and error. At my age, I'm lucky to even boot the game up!

Edit: If I knew that it would be only a matter of days until you release what you want, I'd wait and avoid the hassle. This is only comment, not a request to know when you'll release.

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