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I got the github thing working. Maps seem great. One exception: No mining nodes show up, even though the options have all been checked to show them. Haven't tried herbs yet. And, I see no "Route" option?

I just thought I'd add only these few comments, since I also found a number of other issues (not related to WoD). Just Carbonite, itself.

-- Warehouse works only about 1/2 way. I'm not referring to the Reagent bank. The warehouse feature only works when I move my cursor over an item in one of my char's bags; it shows the number(s) of that item held by current char and other char's, but only in their local bags. It doesn't show what they have in the bank itself. Another major problem with it for me is that the Warehouse option "Show All" doesn't work at all. There is no list shown with icons or any data at all. It's just blank, which defeats the purpose. heh heh. Maybe you're still working on that, too, even though it has nothing to do with the Reagent feature. Additionally, it doesn't show any info on the "Timeless" epic items, no matter where they are placed in a char's local bags or backpack. Also, an error is reported when first opening the Warehouse (on each char). I won't report the other issues I've found, since you probably know what they are. But, if you want to know... I'll be happy to list them.

Nevertheless, it's really good to have some functionality back again. Thanks, Rythal!