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Stop trying to defame me for simply asking questions politely

[see attached image]

The two of you are attacking me personally merely because I asked about his health and the progress (if any) for this Carbonite addon.

I have never badgered nor demanded anything from the author. It appears to me that you two want to ridicule or defame me for asking for simple information. In my opinion, there is nothing in my post #17 that relates to anything that either of you are accusing me of. I find it strange indeed that there are so many people on this forum who insist upon answering for the author, as though their thoughts/plans, etc. are his own. That's why I keep asking HIM for an answer -- which I (nor none of us) ever seem to get a complete answer to. It makes me wonder. You may not care enough about this addon to "risk" asking questions, but I am too old to want to waste my time on something or someone who doesn't even care. I care, therefore I'm asking for myself and for anybody else who may not have the time or guts to ask. I AM NOT DEMANDING ANYTHING, NOR HAVE I EVER DONE THAT. I'm not the one who looks bad here. Why are you attacking me? Aren't any of you interested or at least curious about why the author isn't informing us of current addon status or UPDATES to it.

I'm not the only one who has asked, but I have probably asked more often than anyone else. Still no answers. That is NOT harassing; it is hopefully encouraging a reply. That's my intent.

I suppose I and everyone else will have to wait in utter silence for another year or two before we know anything, unless my guess is correct that the author has given up without an announcement. Not an accusation but merely a guess based upon looking at both the forum and the Github.

Please, don't continue harassing me for asking questions politely and pertinent to this addon.
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