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Can't we all just calm down? I don't use Cabonite and never had a need for it. I'm just responding to the frustration displayed in this thread.

I can see why they are calling you a slavedriver and why there's a lot of anger going back and forth over it. Just take a minute, calm down, and read over your posts carefully. It's going a little over the edge to inquire about what someone is doing with their personal time in the context of lack of work within said time. If I actually cared about the development of Carbonite, I understand, I'd want to know how it's going along too, but the wording of your posts does make them sound bad.

I'll point out sections that made me cringe reading.
Originally Posted by Kreelor View Post
I'm simply asking again... what is going on? Why can't we be informed of an up-to-date status on a regular basis?

I may be mistaken, but if you're in Europe, I thought the Internet existed there, too?

If you are on vacation there, I don't mean to intrude by asking you to do any work on Carbonite. But, (if you aren't there), I'm sure we'd like to hear from you. It will be appreciated. Apparently, the other folks who have worked so very hard and diligently in helping you (without responses from you) are at a complete stand-still -- (they can't do anything without your participation!), since you are the only one who is making decisions for everyone else.
I know you're trying to be polite, but this still carries along the message, "If you're not on vacation, get back to work." If this section had been left out, you still would've had a post that sounded needy, but you probably wouldn't have been labeled a slavedriver.

Originally Posted by Kreelor View Post

Is Rythal still bedridden, in the hospital, or what? I truly hope he's not that ill. His last post was Feb 24 (17 days ago from this post) and it was a helpful post and most appreciated.

jktz122 wanted to know and said: ".. i'm curious if carbonite is still being updated for the current wow version 6.1 because so far its one of the few add ons i used and loved but still isnt updated .."

I guess I'm just one of many who would also like to know the answer. The GitHub (both Live Release and DEV" stats) show that very little has been done for at least the last 2 months, except for a couple, very minor changes. It's now March 13 and since January, activity has dwindled down to next to nothing since then. Two months or more for some things! Activity has stopped nearly completely (according to the GitHub stats). No reports on this forum, either. I see errors all the time but, reporting them does no good if they are never fixed. They are 'common' errors which almost anyone who plays the game have (probably) seen.

If Rythal is too sick, then that is totally understandable. I hope he's not!!! But, once again (without any intention of sounding like a "slave driver" as I've been called--wrongfully), it would certainly be nice to get some considerate, up-to-date feedback. I keep asking for that since it's not forthcoming. If Rythal can't provide that, maybe someone else might be able to? I'd love to know how Rythal is doing. I hope he is recovering from whatever his illness is! It was never mentioned by him and that's his business. I truly doubt that I'm the only person who is interested in both his health and also the progress of the addon - if any.
I can't point out any specific chunk of this post that could've been written better to salvage it. To be honest, it's all bad. If you really wanted to show concern over Rythal's health, this was the one spot to focus on that and not bring Carbonite into it. A simple "get well soon" message with no mention of Carbonite would've been the better thing to post.
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