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Originally Posted by Seerah View Post
The PlayerFrame uses the texture from the target frame, but flipped. The texture file is also cropped.
(taken from PlayerFrame.xml)
<Texture name="PlayerFrameTexture" file="Interface\TargetingFrame\UI-TargetingFrame">
		<TexCoords left="1.0" right="0.09375" top="0" bottom="0.78125"/>
You need to either a) make the graphic in your texture match the dimensions of the graphic in UI-TargetingFrame.blp, or b) alter the texture coordinates on the player frame border texture.

Ah thank you, it must be the coordinates since my texture is the same size. That property is such a pain to change though, it rescales so you need to know all the coordinates and it's not "pixels" or anything standard. I may give up
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