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Originally Posted by Jakatannel View Post
After Legion pre-expansion patch I have downloaded Carbonite 3 times, and I still cannot get a "Quest" entry on the "Menu" under Addons after opening the Interface File on WOW's main menu. I have every other entry and can go in to make changes on fonts, skins, maps, etc. to setup Carbonite as I like it, but without a Quest entry on the Menu I am not able to adjust quest at all. Additionally, Carbonite Quest has not taken over for Blizzard quest, so Blizzard quest format still comes up when quests are opened. Help?
Are you downloading from Github, Curse or WoWInterface?

Github at the moment has the latest stable version and can be downloaded from here: https://github.com/Rythal/Carbonite/archive/master.zip

Before installing the latest version, you may want to delete your existing Carbonite folders and replace them with the folders you downloaded from Github.

The zip file you get from Github unzips to a folder called "Carbonite-master" with another "Carbonite-master" folder inside that one. You'll want to copy and paste the folders inside the second folder into your AddOns folder.

I hope this helps.
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