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fixed :)

So not sure if it was the new Carbonite update, the Maintenance early this morning, an old half finished quest from Blackrock, The Hero's call for Vashjir, or the Strength/ Grisly trophy quest from the January Darkmoon Faire. My guess though is one of the Quests which I had no idea was still in her log.
Sis initially thought I wanted her to complete or abandon only her Draenor quests & then forgot later. She got home this morning, found my note, turned in the Darkmoon Faire quest & abandoned the other two but I forgot ask her to write down the name of the Blackrock dungeon quest.
I ran the update a little while ago then enabled Carbonite Quests It is working! back up & usable on her Worgen Hunter. Even better, I don't have to wake up to her shouting at the Blizzard#$%#%^^ quest log tomorrow morning

If only we had a custom Mini-map, objective list & handy dandy tracking arrow in our Real Life field of vision Add those features to the Holodeck as well

So thank you very much & *Wolf thanks you as well.
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