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A few general problems I need help with.

Well although I love the new macro system, there a few things I need some help with.

I need some help using the SetBindingMacro functions. I've managed to use with simple keys such as "e" or "q", but I don't know how to bind a macro to something like "Shift+e". Is that even possible?
If not, would binding a macro to e, with a [modifier:shift] inside the macro do the trick?

Secondly I used to have the following macro:
/cast Bash
/cast Feral Charge
It would bash in close combat, and feral charge when I could. It doesn't seem to be working anymore, it only bashes and does nothing more Is there a way around this or am I going to have to do something like:
/Cast bash; [modifier:alt] Feral Charge

Lastly, since 2.0, whenever you change into cat form, you cast Track humanoids, so they've removed Track Humanoids from you're spell book. However, since I'm a herbalist, and I can't have Find herbs and tracking active at the same time, I can't cast track humanoids when I'm in cat form if find herbs is up. How do you cast track humanoids in cat form? I've tried /cast Track Humanoids (Feral)() but that doesn't seem to do anything...

Apart from that, all quiet on the western front...
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