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For NPC Scan look into Known Issues has to be fixed by npc-scan authors their plugin is out of date

Originally Posted by samyonair View Post
For the Moment following Addons are known as Incompatibe to Carbonite(Version6.0.3):

Without Error Messages:

if I missed one or new ones pop up I will edit this here
*for Npscan_overlay workaround for the moment, delete the carbonite_module in npscanoverlay, by using ALT-M (blizzdefault map ) you can see the overlay needs to be fixed in their code

Grettings Samyonair
and the Player Issue it is a known issue with social but it's combiend by a blizz bug, only the carb module has a function to check for such things so the Error accurs more often, if you chat with someone and the person goes off (Without Carbonite!) this Error accurs sometime else, we will have a look if a workaround can help but we have many things to do on our list so please let us try to get an awesome Carbonite Version it is a huge Project, and we do our best to get a good Version

Greetings Samyonair