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How to access DisplayIDs without the use of Wowhead?

So, I need the DisplayIDs of old models in order to display them using different skins rather than just having a blank white model. I've found a great framework in PowerAuras, but the list file is manually created and does not include what I am looking for.

I know the usual method for obtaining DisplayIDs is using Inspect Element on Wowhead models, but the thing is, once models are updated ingame, Wowhead follows suit.

Is there any other way to find DisplayIDs? I've been poking around in WoW Model Viewer, but haven't been able to puzzle it out.

To be more specific, I am taking mobs with model updates that I dislike and making it so that they use their old models as unit portraits. Right now I'm working on Ghouls. Power Auras does have both variations of Ghoul, but the old model only has one skin with the option to change it greyed out (A strange anomaly considering all other avenues of displaying the old Ghoul model have no skins), while the updated model has something like twenty, with many repeats. It is almost as if the old ghoul skins were overwritten or no longer path to the old skins, but if this were true, I wouldn't be able to bring up the older Ghouls in WoWModelViewer, which I can.

Strangely enough, the model listed as the new one for Powerauras is "creature\\ghoul\\ghoul.m2", while WoWModelViewer differentiates ghoul.m2 as the old model, and ghoul2.m2 as the new one. If I add ghoul2.m2 to Power Auras' list file, it comes up as an error cube. I can't explain any of that either.

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