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Originally Posted by freshmeatz
Titan Panel v2.05
Last Updated: October 17th, 2005
Updated since last WoW Patch

Patch Notes

Whats in version v2.05
Center text will now work when you have the double bar showing.
Adding an addon to a bar in auto hide mode will no longer put the addon on another bar
Server Time offset fix is now included
Added check for duplicate plugins and issue a warning if a duplicate if found
Revamp of the graphics to enhance Titan's look - Thank you sdwwraith
Fixed issue with the clock not being able to be displayed on left
Fixed issue with clock attempting to anchor to itself
Users will now be able to drag and drop addons to the location of there choice on any bar (SHIFT key + drag)
TitanRepair now has an option to turn off the popup for repair
Reverted to just 'Titan Panel vx.xx' as Addon name
I downloaded Titan v2.05 from another site, and it works great. I haven't used the dual bar option, cause I think it's just a bit much information to have 2 bars full of stuff...but it's pretty nice.

Don't know if the author will ask to upload it here, though.
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