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TBC zones -- I need data please

For those of you playing BCC/TBC Classic, I need the uiMapIDs for the new zones like Exodar, Azuremyst Isle, Silverymoon, Ghostlands, and when you can get to Draenor, Hellfire Pennisula, Nagrand, etc and so on.

I am 99% certain the uiMapIDs are not the same as retail WoW, as they weren't the same for old Classic. This makes sense, as the zones are pre-Cataclysm.

What I need is both the uiMapIDs and the zone names in English (I don't know other languages). To get the uiMapIDs, type /dump WorldMapFrame:GetMapID() into chat and make a note. You can either reply to this thread or comment on the main page of RepByZone, please and thank you.

Happy gaming, and enjoy the "new" expansion!
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