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Could you please post a list of your addons and which version of Carbonite you are using?

Also, you may want to disable "TomTom Emulation" if you have TomTom installed to see if that fixes your issue.

Zygor, based on its description on the website is a guide much like WoWPro. The difference is that it has its own built-in quest tracking/waypoint code. This means that it doesn't require Carbonite or TomTom to work as WoWPro does, and many people I know who use WoWPro prefer TomTom even though WoWPro now patches what it calls "Carbonite's fake TomTom".

So since Zygor has its own tracking system, it may be possible that it won't play nice with Carbonite and making them play nice together is not as high a priority as getting Carbonite ready for Legion.

That said, if login is the only time the error occurs and they work well together after that, you may want to ignore the error and play on as usual.
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