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Originally Posted by Ketho View Post
But my question is, why does playermodel:GetDisplayInfo() return 0 after running playermodel:SetUnit("target") ?
Is it even possible to get a displayId from a specific unitId?
GetDisplayInfo returns the value of SetDisplayInfo. You can't get a displayID from a unit because they don't have one, or at least not in the same sense as that api function.

I only skimmed over that giant block of text they wrote because I'm practically illiterate, but if I understand the gist of the problem they can't scale the model properly because they don't know what it is since blizzard removed GetModel, which is absurd because they have the unitID and can get the race from that.

I'm not sure why they need the animation lengths as I've never used the addon, but you can just tell the model to play a specific animation with PlayAnimKit and it will play it through.

Actually PlayAnimKit appears to be broken at the moment, but you can use FreezeAnimation and SetSequence to do the same thing.

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