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Okay, this is some of what I've given a couple other people that asked for more info:

Avatar I need something that looks good even when shrunk down to a max of 120 X 120 pixels. Sig would be max 350 pixels wide by 150 high.

Cairenn (the MMORPG persona) is always an elven archer. She is supposed to sorta look like me (or how I always wished I looked ). Green-hazel eyes, red-brown hair, slim-ish. I can link images for you of what the elves look like in the various games, but I want it to actually look more "real", kinda the way my current one is, rather than looking like a character in a game, in part because it has to be generic enough that it could be for any game, rather than one specific look. As always, I love unicorns. Ummm, not sure what else to tell you.
I am hoping for something that could have a small version on the corner of a business card, or a "full sized" version that could be on a t-shirt, etc. Something that is much like my current avatar, or the person in the image I have thumbnailed below as the link to my personal site. Along those lines. And something that can be continued from an avatar to a sig image. (Obviously with more stuff added to it than just the image of 'Cairenn'.)

My personal web page with some of the various avatars and signatures I've had over the years:

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