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Stuttering issue on one of my toons

Since Cata I have encountered a "stuttering" issue on one of my two hunters who are identical with respect to add-ons whenever I am running Carbonite. This stuttering occurs whenever I change directions, mount, dismount, etc. By "stuttering" I mean that there is a delay, similar to a lag spike, before action recommences. On the toon that this situation arises, if I disable Carbonite the stuttering stops. Interestingly, this doesn't seem to happen on my other hunter.

I have been using the latest beta's and have tried the current release version. I discard the four separate files in my add-ons folder whenever updating with new ones; i.e. I don't overwrite the files.

I suspect that something has become corrupted in one of the other Carbonite files for my stuttering hunter [heh heh, some folks might think this is normal for huntards]. I notice that there are saved variables in my Account folder for each of the individual characters ...

My question is, should these be discarded for my stuttering toon? I hate to do this as I have spent a lot of time setting up Carbonite and don't want to lose all this work if these files contain said info and deleting them likely won't solve the stuttering issue.

I would appreciate whatever advice you folks might offer at your convenience.

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