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I'm having a similar problem. While searching the forum for topics on Carbonite's many Warehouse bugs, I saw this post.

Lately (since either Blizzard's last patch?, or Carbonite's last "200" update?) , I've been having a problem with only 1 of my Hunter chars. The char is a Human (female) Hunter (Alliance). And, it happens only in Northrend. I've been doing quests in and around the Valiance Keep area, and nearby areas of the Borean Tundra.

My interface "stutters" (continuously in about 1-second intervals), whether walking or flying. It's almost like there are two (duplicate) processes running at the same time, or else one process repeating itself in a loop?

I have several Hunter-type chars, and the problem happens with only one of them. I haven't yet tried the "fix" suggested above, but I will as soon as I get back into the game. I just wanted to report it here first (since I was already here).

EDITED by Kreelor:

Played the game today with several Hunter chars AFTER setting up Carbonite to use the same config (one that works) on all my chars. It did not fix the problem. It still stutters. Now, I'm guessing it must be Blizzard, or those areas of Borean Tundra are are 'clogged' with data to process? Maybe it's my old system. But, it's strange that chars which aren't Hunter-types don't encounter that 'stuttering' issue. Anyway, I can live with it.

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