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And now for some interesting quotes from the chat (I'm sure someone will post the full log later):

Teleios We have, Thundgot, Tyren, Vaneck, Caydiem, Tigole and Caydiem. Each of them will give a brief introduction now.
Tigole Don't forget kalgan!
Teleios as well as Kalgan!
Teleios i missed my pste :P
Teleios paste*
Kalgan Forget Kalgan!

Tigole I'm the Lead Designer responsible for World Design -- quests, outdoor zones, dungeons, raids etc. =]
Kalgan I'm the Lead Designer responsible for game systems -- character classes, combat, items, pvp, auctions, mail system, and world events
Caydiem I'm Caydiem, the Assistant Community Manager for World of Warcraft. I manage the official forums and handle feedback between developer and player.
Kalgan etc ;]
Caydiem The North American forums, that is.
[BCM]Tyren Hey all, I'm Tyren one of the NA CMs!
[BCM]Thundgot Hi folks. I'm Thundgot, the English language community manager for Europe. *waves*
[BCM]Vaneck Hiho. I am Vaneck, Community Manager, German. Managing the German speaking forums in Europe.

[qt]patman Legorol Has asked: Could you comment on how much attention in general is Blizzard paying to UI modifications and AddOns, and how important a segment of the customer base are the AddOn users and especially the AddOn developers? (Lot of whom get at least half of their enjoyment of WoW by tinkering with it)
Tigole We constantly read the UI sites to see what our players want. Not only that, but we use those mods ourselves to enhance our own play experience. Obviously, if we feel anything is absolutely *needed* to play the game, we try to encorporate it into the WoW UI. But we've been loving what the community has produced thus far.

Teleios Do they have a concise reason for the buff of dispel spells (mana-wise), and the disabling of the mod decursive? A PvP balancing issue that greatly effects a PvE enviroment seems a tad wrong.
Kalgan We felt that the mana cost for the dispel abilities was too high in general for both pve and pvp. Although this wasn't a significant balance problem in solo or small group pve cases, the cost was simply too low for the raid and pvp cases. That being said, we feel that the new costs are also quite reasonable for solo use too.
Kalgan correction: the mana cost was too low in general
Kalgan not too high!
Kalgan yow
Tigole oh man we're doomed with that misquote =P
Kalgan what? who? where am i?

Tigole You probably just missed those questgivers
Tigole because they are so short

Kalgan: ... and what tigole said... so take it warriors!

Tigole: The cannon is a good example of something we added later
Tigole: because corpses all over mulgore are fun!
[BCM]Tyren: They are fun
Caydiem: I disagree about the fun factor of corpses in my homeland.
[BCM]Thundgot: It's fine. Learn to aim.

[BCM]Tyren: tauren-kabobs

[BCM]Tyren: i can hear the gasps of surprise and joy

Tigole: Jin'do's loot is pretty phat =P
Kalgan: ... but he gets pwnd with ez =[

Kalgan "we" being the programmers (go team!)

[BCM]Tyren: So rogues, put away your Tyren effigies!
Caydiem: They were switched to Caydiem effigies anyway.
[BCM]Tyren: my plan is coming together >=)

Tigole Metzen just kicked me

Kalgan My answer is simple: no

Tigole even though kalgan just typed that, he said "learn to play" out loud...
Tigole *ouch* i just got kicked again
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