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lol hey Scott, I had to go reply to the epic complaint about NUI on the forums. I love uneducated 'flamable little insects'. (just got out of doing OS 1D, can't stop hearing that damn dragon in my head hee hee.)

Bout to install the latest emergency release and try it out. Had rolled back to first 5.0 for 25 man tonight to be safe and that all checked out pretty well. Only issue is I'd say is to not have the default max aura's at 40 cause DAMN it not only extended past what the screen would show but also caused some intense lag and someone using this 'out of the box' and walking right into a 25 man might get a little frustrated having to ask the raid wait while the dig out the command to change aura's and such (which was my case, no biggie but just a suggestion none the less.).

Also I did noticed a significant increase in memory usage for NUI. 30 to sometimes 35MB while doing OS25 tonight. Now for me, it's not THAT big of a deal since I disable almost EVERY addon I've got cept those needed to raid, while raiding so I've got the buffer space to handle the increased usage. I think though (if you could say yay or nei on this) it is to be expected a bit of increased usage considering the new features in 5.0? Like the new unit frames being able to do 25-40 mans? Actually and when I think about that, if that is the case shouldn't be an issue for others because adding a feature like that means another addon or two people can junk and remove. Those addons stop using memory that NUI can now use? I dunno if I'm making sense. ANyways I'M LOVIN IT GIVE ME MOARRRR

(Pay day is in 2 days! Gonna send another donation!)