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Had a chance to put NUI's latest alpha thru it's paces in some Maly 6 min attempts. I forced myself to not use Grid - and after a pull or two I was thrilled!

Couple things that would help tremendously...as a raid healer I really would like to see groups together in the unit frames. Especially as a healer with the incoming changes to group heals I use, making them castable on targetable parties. Also, the numeric values on the health bars sometimes obscure the health defecits. To make it easier I used the HP lost function but I would prefer to just turn off the numeric value. And last, my own Unit Frame is different from the others in that the health bar is not as large. It would be a huge help to have it be the same as the others if that can be managed. Not saying I darn near died becuse it is small or anything >.> <.< :-)

Also, not sure why it was happening, but occasionally a targeted frame would remain green or red, as in this SS:

An /nui rl fixed it when it did happen.