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Oh yeah I forgot to suggest that as well I think. Thanks Beatific! I as well would like to really see the layout reflect the grouping that the raid tab would show. It can be very helpful especially when healing is necessary.

Originally Posted by beatific View Post
Couple things that would help tremendously...as a raid healer I really would like to see groups together in the unit frames.
Originally Posted by beatific View Post
And last, my own Unit Frame is different from the others in that the health bar is not as large. It would be a huge help to have it be the same as the others if that can be managed.

Once the unit frames go into 25 and 40 mode it switches myself and my target frames to be nearly as small and identical to the entire raid group frames. If there is a way to some how make myself and my target frames a bit more similar, detailed, and noticable as in 10 man ect it would be VERY helpful.

Example: I'm dps for now, so I'm not concerned about the health of others in my raid (generally not, but continue to do brief glances to check since I can heal and am expected to as a back up occassionally) but like I just stated I CAN HEAL and clearly seeing my own health status is VERY important especially in cases when i'm not getting the healing I need and I've got the ability to heal myself to save the healers some trouble. With how miniscule my own portrait frame is now it's impossible for me to quickly identify who is me in the frames right away and that I'm in need of self healing urgently!

I can understand there not being a reasonable way to intergrate the exact self and target frames as large and detailed as in smaller groups but something or really anything just a bit more obvious and clear than what it is now would help BIG TIME.

still LOVE it!

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