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Originally Posted by Ketua View Post
Wow I was just looking for some thing like this...

Allow I'm a bit lazier, any chance on adding a setting that would have it auto switch to heroic mode if you are party lead?

For now though I'm taking it as is.
That's a bad idea. With how the "attempts remaining" mechanic works in the Heroic Mode of ToC (10 or 25), consider this situation:

Somebody invites you to a group, for whatever reason. They set it up to be H10/25, promote you to leader, and before you have time to react, they're in your instance. Bam, they can clean out your entire instance's attempts remaining for the whole week's lockout (this is assuming that you have a raid ID for that week already).

To make this addon function in such a way just enables such a thing to happen. If anything, you'd want to check out http://www.wowinterface.com/download...idIdSaver.html and go the other way, to protect your Raid ID. Not saying you NEED this addon, or that you should expect this sort of griefing to happen to you, but it is something to be aware of.
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