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I am not sure how all this works but wouldn't the website and its contents still be considered the property of the people who made it? Therefore, any content (including the tutorials and information on the website which is contained under the Carboniteaddon name might still be unaccessable to a new domain holder?)

I am not sure what happens once the option to resecure the domain name expires. But, I think a domain name is just that... you are buying the rights to use that web address online... it has nothing to do with what the original website contents are at all... Maybe all the tutorials and information needs to be safeguarded in case it goes poof.

Lets be honest, once the domain is gone, so might the website be gone. It could just disappear... whoever is hostinf that info could simply shut it down and all the info could simply be deleted and lost forever... The fact that Rythal enquired about the website and domain name and received no response back, speaks louder than words )IMHO) If the original developers cared enough - they would have had a dialogue with Rythal about transfering everything regarding carbonite over to Rythal in the first place.

Even if you can not legally *copy and paste* Surely starting with the basics of the info contanied in how the program works can be rewritten and a totally new domain name be chosen. That way, Rythal would have full control over the *new website and could begin the rebuilding proceess.

I mean: if you can have a celebrity use *formerly known as Prince* as part of their name.... Consider doing the same with the *new carbonite^. <New name> - formerly known as Carboniteaddon and give the past developers acknowledgement in the credits...