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Well I am by no means an expert. But I know it showed them before. What I mean is the nodes appeared as little yellow dots when I minimized the map (and the regular blizzard minimap is docked in the corner). The nodes would always appear in the carbonite map as well as the blizzard minimap. I would actually disable them in the minimap and only have them show in the carbonite map. After all it has the "show mining nodes" and "show herb nodes" funtion. Just that it won't actually show them as it did before. It showed nothing at all.

I imported the mining and herb nodes that carbonite offers (before the error I didn't even notice this option) and now I get the info of what "might" spawn in what location, but the yellow dots simply will not appear as they used to. Not even when I am on top of a node.

That merge function sounds interesting though. How do I do that?

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